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The Real Adventures Of Captain85 Coloring Book

The Real Adventures Of Captain85 Coloring Book is designed to help youth and adults open up the lines of communication in a complex world dealing with gun violence, bullying, suicide, and mental health issues.

About the Author

I have a passion for working in the communities, where I strive to make a positive impact and inspire others. I have been sharing my insights and stories with urban communities since the 80’s.

Stableboy Publishing LLC

StableBoy Publishing is on a mission to tackle the social issues that plague our society, such as bullying, harassment, suicide, and gun violence. We use literature as a powerful tool to create awareness, spark conversations, and drive positive change. Our publications feature comic book characters based on real-life stories of resilience and courage, such as Captain85 and Professor B. We aim to show the harmful effects of bullying, foster empathy, and inspire positive social interactions. We also address mental health issues and aim to reduce stigma and promote well-being for all. We explore topics such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and provide understanding, empathy, and access to resources. Our publications are not just for youth, but also for adults who struggle with these issues in life.

You know The Story.. Because YOU live it.